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Vermouth di Torino


This early nineteenth century recipe drags us back to a no globalized world, where people took pleasure in the small things. Arudi Vermouth di Torino Rosso comes from ingredients of the early 1900s Giulio Arudi was acquainted with when he wrote his book in 1923. The ability to measure the aromas and flavors of the past is indeed a wonderful challenge of our times, in order to create a silky Vermouth that teases your tongue with a spicy final texture, expressing the perfect harmony between absinthe and wine in a pleasant alcohol content. The amber red color calls to mind the velvet upholstery of the Turinese coffee houses of the time. Among main botanicals: absinthe, sweet orange, rhubarb, elderflower.

Dark amber color. Crystal clear in the glass, with a shiny mahogany rim.

A classic red vermouth to the nose, with an intense and complex flavor. Its mellow, sweet main perfumes are released one after the other in the glass: wormwood and elderberry flowers combined with the freshness of cardamom pods and orange zest. Spicy touches of coriander and vanilla spread over the powdered notes of cinchona bark.
To the palate a great correspondence of taste and smell, the sweet aromas are well balanced by bitter woody notes and fine spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.
The rhubarb rhizome makes its way out quickly, giving a long, elegant, persistent finish. Sugar harmonizes the excellent bitter final touch, amplified by the crispness of this wine.

12-16 degrees Celsius

Excellent neat at aperitivo time. Best served at fridge temperature, garnished with orange or lemon zest. Thanks to its personality and structure, very good also on the rocks, with a splash of soda.

Great when paired with pitted olives skewers, as it used to be in the old days. Excellent with classic aperitivo appetizers such as anchovies with bread and butter, to enhance the flavor to the palate.
For an original match, pair with medium-seasoned salami or hard-boiled eggs with salt and pepper to recall the fine spicy notes. Cinchona and rhubarb perfectly match with 70% cocoa dark chocolate, the Italian classic Panettone and the French Pan d'Epices.

Produced in compliance with ‘Vermouth di Torino’ product specification

Alcohol content / Size / Pach:

17% Alc/Vol. - 75 cl/6      

Cs Wgt:

8,7 kgs     

Vermouth di Torino Rosso Arudi :: Italian artisan productShop

Italian wine, sugar, alcohol, botanical infusions, spices and aromatic roots. Contains sulphites.


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