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'900 Torino, BRINGING THE PAST TO THE FUTURE. Arudi Vermouth & Bitters Torino Italy

The "Premiata Fabbrica Liquori e Vermouth Martino Balbo" was founded in 1916.

In Turin, the early twentieth century was a period of industrial, cultural, and social ferment. The “Vermouth time” started from 7 o’clock in the evening, in the elegant cafés of the city, where nobles, soldiers, politicians and the bourgeoisie used to meet after work to enjoy over a glass of famous flavored wine and salty or sweet appetizers. That is why Turin is the capital of the apéritif, a national tradition that became popular only in the decades to come.
Balbo was a sharp man and a skillful entrepreneur, who caught this opportunity in the full social and industrial expansion of Turin and immediately stood out for his spirit of innovation.
Between 1922 and 1923 the Martino Balbo received indeed awards and honors, like the gold medal of the “Esposizione Internazionale delle Invenzioni e dei Progressi Industriali” (International Exhibition of Inventions and Industrial Progress). The Ministry of National Economy bestowed the Diploma of Merit upon the company which became the supplier to the House of his Royal Highness the Duke of Genoa in 1924. 

Onorificenze Arudi Vermouth & Bitters Torino

The supply to the Royal House was an important goal that many liquor companies yearned for, and it was immediately displayed on the label.

Premiata Fabbrica Vermouth e Liquori Martino Balbo :: Arudi Vermouth & Bitters Torino

The brand name of Vermouth Balbo was registered in 1940

When the company closed in the eighties, all machineries were sold, while papers, documents, diplomas of merit were put methodically into boxes, with the only purpose of having a memory of the glorious past.

Alessandro e Mirna Bernardini liquoristi per mestiere :: Arudi Vermouth & Bitters Torino :: Vertosan Genepy Valle d'Aosta

Max and Mirna Bernardini, liqueurists both by profession and by passion (the family company, namely Vertosan, produces gin and liqueurs in Aosta Valley), brushed up on the the Premiata Fabbrica Liquori e Vermouth Martino Balbo past history and, among ancient documents, labels and other memorabilia found a rare book of liqueurs.
It was a professional recipe manual published in 1923, by Giulio Arudi, a flavorist who had brought together all the knowledge around the liquor industry of the time.
The recipe of a classic Vermouth was found, taken up and improved by skilled specialists, re-entering the market and bearing the author’s name to honor his memory.

Vermouth di Torino Rosso, Bianco, Dry :: Arudi Vermouth & Bitters Torino

This is how Arudi, the Turin’s Vermouth, was created ranging between White, Red and Dry.


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