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Arudi’s world is more than Vermouth. The passion and creativity for distilling spirits led to the creation of a handmade bitter, based on an original and exclusive recipe.
The Mediterranean flavors of bitter orange perfectly pair up with the Alpine gentian aromas and together they blend with the Caribbean scents and other exotic botanicals.
Among main botanicals: gentian, citrus fruits, quassium.

Distinctive red color

The orange and grapefruit citrus notes of this classic bitter are surrounded by spicy hints of Cascarilla bark.
The medium bitter profile of gentian and cinchona softened by citrus fruits and coriander pods express enjoyment on the palate.
Sweetness is well balanced, and the imperceptible alcohol content make this liqueur extremely pleasant to drink.

8 - 10 degrees Celsius

A good way to drink this aperitif bitter is to serve it over ice with a splash of soda water and pink grapefruit or lemon zest.

As much as the other bitters, it matches perfectly with all the classic aperitif appetizers, from canapés up to cold cuts, and it can be drunk both alone or with vermouth and gin. It should be tested not only with red vermouth, but even with the white one or with a brut sparkling wine. It could be surprising even as an ingredient for thirst quenching cocktails with grapefruit juice, both yellow and pink, or with a soda resulting from the two citrus fruits.

Produced on an exclusive recipe

Alcohol content / Size / Pach:

25% Alc/Vol. - 70 cl/6      

Cs Wgt:

8,7 kgs     

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