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Vermouth di Torino


A Vermouth with a golden tinge coming from a careful ingredient selection to bring back an ancient recipe to our own times, where many varieties of local herbs, spices, citrus fruits and more are mixed together. The creativity and experience of skilled hands have been able to update an early twentieth century recipe, turning it into a captivating and versatile product. The citrus notes and the pleasant bouquet of botanicals on the palate are amazing. Among main botanicals: absinthe, bitter orange, coriander, lemon.


Winner of the “Grande Médaille d’Or 2021 Grand Gold Medal” of Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. 

Strow-yellow color with a golden rim

To the nose the white vermouth releases the sweet and spicy flavors typical of the category, with elder flowers, enula campana and bitter orange peels on a vanilla background.
However, it shows a stronger personality to the palate, reminding the old recipes of the past, when even white vermouth had a clear bitter note.
Wormwood and centaury flowers give a pleasant bitter persistence, enriched by lemon zest, surrounded by the aroma of vanilla beans and sweetened by iris rhizome.
Coriander, cinnamon and nutmeg give a spicing finish. The bitter persistence lays on a well-balanced sugar background, reminiscent of licorice. 

10 - 12 degrees Celsius

Neat at fridge temperature or on the rocks with lemon or orange zest.

Considering the strong personality of this vermouth, it can also be mixed with bitters or gin. In the Thirties, the white vermouth was the proud ingredient of dozens of cocktails, which only in modern times have been revived with red vermouth instead, due to a shift towards sweeter tastes.
Vermouth pairs well with savory medium-aged goat cheeses or cow's milk toma cheeses, as well as raw meat. The bitter flavor given by citrus fruits also matches perfectly with hazelnut cakes, panettone and Cantucci (Tuscan traditional almond cookies).

Produced in compliance with ‘Vermouth di Torino’ product specification

Alcohol content / Size / Pach:

17% Alc/Vol. - 75 cl/6      

Cs Wgt:

8,7 kgs     

Vermouth di Torino Bianco Arudi :: Italian artisan productShop

Italian wine, sugar, alcohol, botanical infusions, spices and aromatic roots. Contains sulphites.


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