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Vermouth di Torino


Produced in small batches, as evidence an of its particularity, Arudi Vermouth di Torino Dry stands out for the strong character given by the presence of ginger. This vermouth shows a gold and copper color evoking the magic atmospheres of the deepest and truest dimension of Turin. On the nose ginger is subtle at the beginning, but then it quickly dominates strong on the palate. Among main botanicals: absinthe, ginger, elderflower.

Antique gold color. Crystal clear and shiny in the glass, perfectly reflecting the light. By tilting the glass, the rim is of a beautiful copper color.

The spicy aromas of ginger and elder flowers fill the glass immediately. The slightly oxidized vinous note is the background of delicate citrusy flavors.
In the mouth a great correspondence of taste and smell, and the delicate spicy scent of rhizome makes this vermouth pleasant to drink. Flowers and citrus fruits remain in the background, while a clean aromatic note of coriander and mugwort flowers comes out. The good structure and alcohol content of the wine support its persistence with a pleasant, sweet finish reminiscent of licorice.

4 - 8 degrees Celsius

Excellent neat, to the aperitif. Best served at fridge temperature or on the rocks with a garnish of lemon zest or adding a splash of gin.

This vermouth is perfect with savory, aromatic and slightly spicy food. A great match with all types of olives, from the Gigante di Cerignola type to Sicilian-style olives marinated with wild fennel and chili pepper. Excellent with salami and medium-aged cheese. The ginger note is a surprising match when paired with sushi, Apulian marinated swordfish or raw fish. Great also with oysters au gratin, Pulpo a la Gallega (Galician style octopus) or grilled cuttlefish with chopped fresh mint.
Ideal also when mixed with gin or as a classic ingredient for excellent cocktails.

Produced in compliance with ‘Vermouth di Torino’ product specification

Alcohol content / Size / Pach:

18% Alc/Vol. - 75 cl / 6

Cs Wgt:

8,7 kgs

Vermouth di Torino Dry Arudi :: Italian artisan productShop

Italian wine, alcohol, sugar, botanical infusions, spices and aromatic roots. Contains sulphites.


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